We plan weddings for adventurous, modern couples. Wedding coordination in PA, NC, destination.

we believe…

+ weddings have no rules
+ in doing whats right
+ you can have coffee for dinner
+ pets in weddings = the best
+ kickass attitudes are always in style
+ love is love is love - no matter what

we call ourselves the dream team



The leader of the pack: Taryn started her career in corporate events, (still plans some!) fell into weddings sort of by accident - and never looked back. Fast forward 10 years, a move from Baltimore, MD to York, PA, a handful of industry awards & a team of badass babes later - we have the TBE of today.

Taryn co-owns Behind the Bash Wedding show, helps new venues get up and running & loves to speak and write articles about the industry.



Planner: Kylie started with TBE as an assistant planner and has moved up the ranks to lead her own events. After a few years in PA, her husband's career took her to Colorado! She's now flying back to PA for weddings and also expanding our book of clients out West!



Senior Planner: Jen also started in corporate events, spending a month traveling across PA with Taryn in a u-haul. If they could be friends after that, they could do anything!

When her husband's job required a move to NC, Jen took TBE in her suitcase! She now owns and operates our NC office full time. She has been part of some of our largest events up & down the east coast and is also the director of our in-house design program.



Assistant Planner: Gail has been with TBE for a few years now, on top of also working at a local venue. She's the calm in the storm, ready to help with whatever is needed and always wearing a smile. She can also tear down and pack a venue in record time at the end of the night!



Senior Planner: Deb has over two decades of event planning experience - both corporate and personal. She's our queen of organization at TBE, with a system for everything, usually color-coded and alphabetized!

On wedding days, Deb always finds a way to become BFFs with your grandpa - it's just her thing. She also splits consult calls with Jen & Taryn, so you might just get her on the phone one day, too!



Planner: Daniele packs a punch with her wedding and event experience. She was most recently an event manager at a large, outdoor venue. She has managed weddings from start to finish, and is a well-oiled machine behind the scenes.

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