We plan weddings for adventurous, modern couples. Wedding coordination in PA, NC, destination.

we believe…

+ weddings have no rules
+ in doing whats right
+ you can have coffee for dinner
+ pets in weddings = the best
+ kickass attitudes are always in style
+ love is love is love - no matter what

we call ourselves the dream team



The leader of the pack: Taryn started her career in corporate events (still plans them!), fell into weddings sort of by accident - and never looked back. Fast forward a decade, hundreds of events, a handful of industry awards & a team of badass babes later - we have the TBE of today.

Taryn co-owns Behind the Bash Wedding show, helps new venues get up and running & loves to speak and write articles about the industry.



Assistant Planner: Taylor has a background in hospitality and earned her degree in the field at York College. After a year of learning the ropes at TBE, she’s officially moved into an assistant planner role.

Taylor has worked at some of our largest events at venues new and old. She’s our go-to muscle when stuff needs moved and is a pro at day-of guest management.



Senior Planner: Jen also started in corporate events, spending a month traveling across PA with Taryn in a u-haul. If they could be friends after that, they could do anything!

When her husband's job required a move to NC, Jen took TBE in her suitcase! She now owns and operates our NC office full time. She has been part of some of our largest events up & down the east coast and is also the director of our in-house design program.



Assistant Planner: Gail is a veteran TBE team member, on top of also working at a local venue. She knows the ins and outs of events from the planning and venue side, which is incredibly helpful for smooth event days!

She's the calm in the storm, ready to help with whatever is needed and always wearing a smile. She can also tear down and pack a venue in record time at the end of the night!



Senior Planner: Deb has over two decades of event planning experience - both corporate and personal. She's our queen of organization at TBE, with a system for everything, usually color-coded and alphabetized!

When she’s not finding ways to make our back office processes more efficient, you can find her making friends with the grandpa’s on wedding days and leading the charge organizing the details for our corporate clients.



Lead Planner: Daniele packs a punch with her wedding and event experience. She has years of weddings under her belt, coming to TBE fresh off of working as an event manager at a local venue.

Pouring her heart into every couple, she never minds working those “marathon days” because she loves seeing her events from start to finish.

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